The most beautiful outfit ideas for Christmas

Casual and comfortable

Not every woman feels comfortable in a tight dress or on high heels. Many appreciate the fact that their own wardrobe is pleasantly relaxed and cosiness. Even at Christmas, nothing speaks against a casual look, because it can easily be upgraded with a little skill. Beautiful garments that fit this style are wide-falling knit sweaters, cuddly leggings and knit dresses, as shows.

When it comes to color, the Christmas look may shine as usual. Most women know exactly what sounds they like. Stylish are dark blue, beige, brown or anthracite. In addition, there are now sweaters, in their chunky pattern glitter threads are woven. They make for a festive touch and are still wonderfully soft. To a knit sweater fits a classic and well-fitting jeans . This type of trousers is no longer just suitable for everyday wear, because thanks to its subtle blue color, it replaces so many trousers ideal.

Elegant and feminine

A very feminine look is created when fine fabrics are chosen in the choice of clothing. Silk, satin or even velvet caress the body and, with its soft flowing texture, discreetly play around the body silhouette. One of the most elegant pieces is and remains the blouse. It can be put into a pair of jeans or trousers, but also be worn with a skirt. It is important that the blouse does not turn out too tight, otherwise the airiness suffers.

To a blouse jewelry can be perfectly combined. Big statement necklaces fit perfectly when the blouse looks plain. If they are patterned, women are more likely to resort to discreet jewelry such as silver chains, pearl earrings or narrow hoop earrings. Who wants to round off the feminine look in addition, turning long hair into curls or conjures up a loose updo with hairpins and a little skill. Especially with ear hangers or hoops uptight hair very attractive, because they direct the view of the neck and neck.

Sexy and striking

Women who like to be sexy do not have to miss out on Christmas. High shoes and short dresses will work well if combined in style. Here, women have the choice of whether their outfit has a deep neckline or rather to provide insights on her legs. Both, however, is not recommended, because then the outfit looks quickly “wanted” sexy. For a certain “dress-down” effect on short dresses with a low neckline, opaque tights in dark colors create the blue or black. If it is a high-necked dress with a short skirt, the tights may like to be skin-colored. This creates a sexy contrast and your legs are in the limelight.

In any case, a sexy make-up is also part of the sexy Christmas outfit. There is nothing here about the so-called Smokey Eyes, in which the eyes are framed with dark colors. The video provides a simple guide to this eye make-up.

However, since red lips can be extremely sexy, the handle is worthwhile to a well-lasting and opaque lipstick. Here, however, caution is advised, because Smokey Eyes should not be combined with pop lips. So women have to decide which area they want to emphasize. For strikingly made-up eyes, colorless lip gloss or lipstick in nude tones is recommended, while the eyes for dark lipstick are best made in light tones with a finely drawn eyeliner.

Extravagant and unusual

As far as the Christmas meal is concerned, the Germans are no longer sure about their love of classic things. A press release shows that around 41 percent are open to unusual menus. So why not go in completely new ways in terms of outfit?

In this case it is important to reach for real eye-catchers. Pailettenwesten, print leggings or sweaters with eye-catching embroidery or imprints should provide the Christmas guests for one or the other surprise moment. However, so that the outlandish outfit does not degenerate into a joke, the following applies: less is more. An exceptional sweater should not be worn to a wild printed pants, otherwise creates carnival flair. The same applies to the combination of sequined vests. They look best when combined with a plain and simple bodice like a blouse or a fine-mesh pullover. and who would like to incorporate some more eye-catching in the outfit, carries small Christmas tree balls as earrings or hair clips with reindeer antlers made of fabric or felt.