The look on the snow

The look on the snow (as long as it snows ) for this winter 2015-2016 will be recommended by MeA , then paper and pen because we are about to shoot the pearls of wisdom in winter!

Password “Tricot” … It is compulsory this season, so go ahead with sweaters, maxi pullovers and oversize cardigans as long as they have a typical wide-knit pattern; let’s combine it for the day as a must-have piece to be worn on torn jeans, plush leggings and treggins superstretch and for your dinner at the back we bring a strictly black jazz panta and comfortable to dart in a snowmobile. Beautiful combinations with red, then: green-red or white red or red and white white, but only and exclusively in knitting.

More sweaters! In cashmere and mohair, fabulous in earth colors like warm browns and burnt earth or snow like ice gray and optical white. Look good friends of MeA, all the soft wools are exalted a lot with these nuances and they are even more celebrated if worn in a discreet manner and combined with very light jeans or soft joggers and, in any case, with an open shoulder or soft collar to always give the idea of ​​impalpability despite being wool. A must for the look on the snow is once again the protagonist is the flannel shirt with squares “taglialegna” style and here everything is possible: the green bottle, the dark blue, the red, the white, provided they are coarse chess! Take them out with a turtleneck pullover and combine high-waisted jazz pants or ruffled and torn boyfriends or tie them to life you’ll be super trendy!

And now we pass in the evening … For the evening, the mountain brings us a certain amount of fur (strictly eco) so go for details in fur! Here are the necks worn on thick woolen overcoats, here are the vests that are very cool if worn to the skin for a high altitude evening, here are the hats to decorate and cover the heads from the icy mountain air.

Beautiful and sparkling will be the look on the snow if you dare with the lamé to exalt every evening where you will not have to be afraid to dare; so put in your suitcase: skirts in sequins , feathers and lurex like rain, combined with black bi-elastic or even wool tights and I recommend … do not spare yourself in make-up. 

As for the shoes for free to moon boot glitter, in sober paint or with fur, UGG, Dr Martens, Timberland and stalks with the high and serrated para. 

Scarves and shawls will be a must to take to the disco and hats with giant pon pon or with the ears or even the indispensable glam hat on all occasions! Still a nod to the coats that are divided between colorful or black faux fur and technical coats with hoods adorned with fur details and eye on the return of the Canadian because it will be again in vogue.