The look of the Christmas lunch

After having in the order made the Christmas present to: close family, boyfriends / husbands, nephews, friends, parents, in-laws, brother-in-law / sister-in-law, in-laws of in-laws and brothers-in-law Christmas is coming and it is now thinking about the look to give a sense of all this … However it must be said that the beautiful memory of Natal, the memory of that child who was waiting for Santa Claus anxiously, has turned into a marathon of obligatory gifts, a run at the counter to avoid.

Made the rightful populism the advice is to go all the way and decide to monetize everything in clothes to go to the fateful Christmas lunch impeccably. Obviously your look will have to be appropriate to the place where you will be, so banned the heels in the mountains, the moon boot in the city … and adjust accordingly. Let’s say that the red would be very nice and Christmas, but if you’re like the undersigned to which the red headache comes here are valid alternatives. First step: abolish the red! Give a touch of blue …. D the fashion especially if you decline in electric blue or bright cobalt blue and multi-faceted, give yourself the combination (so loved by Giorgio Armani ed) with black and make it sophisticated and sexy. If you are brown and you have a dark complexion, dare with the electric otherwise throw yourself on the blue night but still opt for a blue always on and never, I repeat: NEVER navy … simply because it is not the time. So if the location will be the city, go blue jackets, dizzy heels and loose hair, otherwise if you are at high altitude throw yourself on a soft sweater over size, jeans and ankle boots in low pile and very hot … and of course eye to blue!

Do not you want blue? Give a touch of green … Yes, I had some qualms also on the emerald green, but I had to change my mind about how incredibly good it is with every complexion. For the look of the Christmas lunch, make your choices fall on a beautiful bright emerald green but avoiding the jacket as the head of the outfit , (because it is too much elf Santa Claus), but opt ​​for soft sweaters with bare shoulders, paillettes skirts to match with opaque socks and over accessories, bijoux and scarves strictly emerald green. 

Green does not convince you? Give a touch of silver & gold … One of the must-have for parties, usually more suited to New Year’s Eve outfits, than to look for Christmas lunch, is the use of gold and silver. Attention, I do not say to dress like a pagan deity but to give you brilliant and intense details. Combine a black sheath dress with a gold turtleneck or a silver cigarette pants to an easy black blouse and you’re done , you’ll be easy, very chic and very elegant for a nice lunch in the city. Dare with sweaters lit by gold and silver threads focusing on grays and natural colors combining them with jeans and sheepskin boots … for a mountain look, fashion and glam. Do not miss out, scarves and shawls, earrings and bracelets!