The look for New Year’s Eve

It’s not until 2016, but your look for New Year’s Eve is ready ???

Obviously could not miss the post dedicated to the outfit for the New Year’s Eve party.

Dinner with a sleigh in a cabin? Entrust your New Year’s Eve look to a soft warm and enveloping cashmere sweater and match an eco-leather leggings to create a strong contrast with the softness and preciousness of the precious wool. On your feet you can not miss glitter and glittery moon boot , dare with a make-up or smokey eyes and do not forget the rouge on the nails. The party at high altitude will be perfect!

Nightclub party? Get away with the dress! Come and enjoy yourself with lace, lurex and sequin details because your look for San Lorenzo’s night will be absolutely sparkling. This year is really in vogue like never the long one so do not be afraid and wear maxi-dress with transparencies I see I do not see, pull on the hair or risk a gaçonne hairstyle with the gel and adopt a make-up with the catchphrase of 2015 or the very trendy very dark and rigorous eggplant lipstick. So much mascara and diaphanous complexion. You will be bright, sexy and super glam! 

Dinner at a friend’s house? Here is a thought that gives you something alternative for the New Year’s Eve look for this occasion that perfectly suits the verb dare! Why not use a masculine but very sexy look ? The black pantsuit will suit you, you will be super attractive if you combine a silk tank top with thin straps and lace details or if you wear the jacket even to leather and you will use earrings as shiny as precious.

You decide for a make-up full of details but not too showy and if you have so much desire to give more to the outfit, put your favorite summer black sandal or an open-toe suede version … After all this winter has not let us taste the true frost!