The fall winter 2016 by Alexander McQueen

He was good, he was brilliant, he was superb, he was divine, he was evil … but something happened and I swear I did not think it was possible, but it was like that; the fall winter 2016 collection by Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, presented in the most extemporaneous fashion week, has definitely outdone the maestro.

Alexander genius and unruliness of fashion, he had accustomed us to runways of a thousand and one nights, sometimes romantic, often pazzotic but always divine. This time, however, his faithful assistant Sarah Burton has not only repeated the success of the previous collections, he even dubbed it!

Transparencies, silks and precious ones worthy of haute couture, skilful cuts worthy of haute couture, exaggerated sequins that never shine like this catwalk and shine in contrast to a blanket sometimes black as pitch and sometimes white as milk. And here are peacocks and butterflies, prints that come to life on transparencies and still asymmetries and wide necklines … an ethereal beauty for the eyes.

The fall winter collection of Alexander McQueen wanted to be here, here at all costs to celebrate the 23 years of the fashion house, right in the London that gave her origins and that continues to ride the wave leaving us completely speechless.

But back to the fall winter collection of Alexander McQueen, here comes before our eyes the wise plumbing, mermaid, price lists adorning every body and every physicality, the long, the short, the hidden in both the garments and accessories. Everything is protagonist and nothing in the background, for this house that had accustomed us despite its mentor has disappeared, to fantastic collections and I have to say this time I would speak of superb collection.

To speak must be exclusively images and not from his pen but from his wisdom handed down; here’s Alexander McQueen fall winter 2016.