The Burberry Prorsum spring summer collection

The Burberry Prorsum spring summer collection arrives in all its glory in a London that is a little gray but made sparkling by fashion week. From Europe and overseas come just to admire and love the catwalk that reveals us how the Burberry woman will dress next spring summer.

Defined by media professionals and multitasking by us this collection presents us once again very black, lots of silk and its must have or the very popular tranch . Versatile, extreme and directional here are the three adjectives that MeA wants to attribute to the London fashion show that amazes for its urban style without departing from the cleanness in detail that created the Burberry myth.

But let’s not lose ourselves in chat and comment on the show (which we liked so much). We said black … from the entire garment to detail, from the accessory to the coat, from the profiles to the edges, from the applications to the finishing touches, in short, omnipresent. Beautiful applications depicting flowers on pretty choker necklines edged in gold and not too short, the combination of slippers with buckles and leather bags gives the look a very bon-ton dictate.

Gritty unstructured trousers in the building matched with bolero-cut jackets and also gold- trimmed, delicious macramé lace tops and the brave choice of the net . Let’s go on with the few colorful and decidedly structured clothes, thanks to the choice of fabrics that always focus on silk, even if the real star of the show was the network, both in the tops and skirts and especially in clothes.

Here is a glimpse of lingerie , which peeks out in godet, round, crew-neck dresses and very few deep necklines: an effect desired to maintain the purity and tailoring of the London fashion house. Also in the palette this spring summer Burberry Prorsum collection is discreet, the only colors on the catwalk are related to pastel, very little gold present and some camel flashes, creating in every detail a precious moment.

The prints are very radiant and only exclusively of flowers , reminiscent of the English gardens, when in spring they open their buds in wonderful ancient roses and petal flowers, still wrapped in the damp English countryside.

At the beginning of the post we said that the matching dusters for the day and for the evening remain unmissable, as well as the new reconfirmation of the cape once again black and once again in wool to withstand the last colds.

Wonderful accessories, all shoes that bring the woven web in the skin that raises stiletto heels accompanied by hidden platforms; very easy-street the slippers with strictly gold metal details, on black, very nappa leather. Bag worthy of note but small and discreet, they prefer leather and love chains. Please stop us! Now it is enough to “speak”, because this will be the Burberry Prorsum spring summer collection.