Savings is a matter of perseverance

You do not have any savings? In that case, you’re mostly in it. According to the survey, only about 40% of Poles have a safe financial cushion, although as many as 80% of us indicate that it is worth saving. So how do you start putting away money and doing it effectively?

The World Savings Day falls on October 31. The Provident Barometer carried out for this occasion did not bring too good a picture of the Poles. It saves less than half of us, and those who already have some savings do not have too many of them.

Young people who have only recently entered the labor market have the most problems with saving. According to the study, only 22% of them have any savings. Most often, the money is put off by entrepreneurs. Respondents also indicated that an average Polish family should have shelved around 5,000 zlotys.

How to start saving?

It is worth having savings – I do not think you need to convince anyone. Thanks to them, we are able to finance various expenses without the need to take a loan, which can be a big expense.

Regularly depositing money is not very difficult – as in many other cases, the first step is the most difficult. When we start saving money, the rest will go without a problem and with each month it will be easier to save more sums.

But how do you start saving? It’s best to do it using a savings account, although we can also put money into a piggy bank. However, the account will allow us to control your savings more easily and will be safer. It’s best to set up a savings account in your bank, where you already have an account – then transfers between accounts will pass instantly.

Then, set the sum you want to start putting off. It should depend on how much you earn and what expenses you have. Ideally, when we already have a home budget and save expenses – then it will be easier for us to determine what amount we can save each month without too much restriction. If we have already determined the sum, we should stick to our plan and regularly transfer the amount to our savings account.

Helpers in regular savings

Many banks offer special savings products – not only accounts but also other tools that help their clients to systematically set aside money.

For example, we can order a fixed transfer of a certain amount to our savings account. We can also choose the service of rounding our expenses to a specific sum – then rounding will be transferred to our savings account. So let’s check what banks can offer us in this area – then saving will not only be easier, but also more enjoyable.

Remember, you can start saving even today – it’s not really as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is put away your first money and persevere because it is thanks to her that we will be able to enjoy an attractive amount on our account after a year.