How to safely use mobile banking?

Many of us already have their bank on the phone. This is a very convenient solution, taking into account the fact that the phone is always with us. However, not everyone using mobile banking remembers about basic security rules. What should we pay special attention not to risk losing our data and losing money?

The number of mobile banking users is growing – currently, according to the data from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, more than 5 million people. Today, almost every bank has its own mobile application, which allows you to conduct various operations on your account, and even to conduct mobile contactless payments in stationery stores.

More convenient, but less secure

Jak bezpiecznie korzystać z bankowości mobilnej?

However, we must remember that mobile banking, although very comfortable and easy, is less secure than using a bank on a computer. It is easier to exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems or in banking applications.

However, we also have to point out that the naivety of mobile banking customers is also quite important – if we do not know how to use a bank on the phone, we may be exposed to considerable problems.

Examples of mobile banking frauds

Most frauds related to the use of mobile banking involve the use of malicious software that is unknowingly downloaded by the user to the phone, for example via a link in an SMS or e-mail. In addition, the problem may be a hacker attack using a QR code, for example, found at the bus stop, some website, leaflet.

Such software can then intercept our password for online banking and replace the recipient of transfers – then the money does not go to the recipient indicated by us, but to the account of the thief.

We can also expose ourselves to cheating if we download an application that will contain viruses. We should be careful when downloading applications, including banking ones, from sources unknown to us. The safest of them is the company’s store of the operating system.

Basic security principles in mobile banking:

• install the software only from a safe and proven source

• use legal anti-virus software for your phone or tablet

• do not click on any links, if you do not know what they refer to, do not scan QR codes from unknown sources

• when you receive an SMS from the bank, make sure it is the real sender

• make sure that the ordered payments match in terms of data – compare the SMS with the form on the transaction website

• Avoid logging in to your bank account from computers, tablets, and smartphones of other people

• do not use the payment application when you connect to open Wi-Fi networks

• define transaction limits for your electronic banking account when the bank gives you this option

• use a password or a phone lock using the pattern

• regularly download updates for the operating system and banking application