Chanel spring summer 2016. You fly!

Chanel spring summer 2016 fly at high altitude!

Our beloved Karl Lagerfield , amazes us again, gets loved and talked, taking us by the hand at the airport to let us get on his personal flight towards spring summer 2016.

Once again the Grand Palais becomes the scene of the flagship collection of the Parisian fashion week and MeA wants you to relive that magic, in these few lines, through the highlights of this fashion show that as usual (we are not biased) we loved. At this point, we can not do anything else to tell it to you, making it love you too … even if we know that we certainly should not convince you.

All this color that Chanel spring summer 2016 brings to the catwalk is almost dazzling by how psychedelic and colorful it is. The patterns are often abstract and are identified in small lines interrupted by other lines and then again by others to create an interlocking of blacks, blues, cherry reds, greens, blues on a white background. Sometimes the fantasies are reminiscent of the ’60s when the Vichy picture was a must, in fact Chanel Spring Summer 2016 proposes it in pastel shades aiming above all on green and light pink but also on gray and black in contrast.

The pink once again really like Karl for the summer, so he uses it very often, both in skirts with flounces, converting it into a palette a bit ‘stronger, which in a lighter especially when we talk about suits, jackets and minimalist dresses.

Of course, black also often peeks out, gently marrying in every fantasy and the electric blue that lights up every garment it touches. In the walk to the gate in the direction of Chanel spring summer 2015 you can also see many, many overlaps of long skirts with soft trousers, or medium with pants in the palace, you can see bon ton suits and short bell jackets and still skirts-pants in silk or panta – light and impalpable bags in the most classic of grays, in the sweetest of the celestial and in delicate two-tone colors.

Obviously the accessories are fantastic: colored aviator mask glasses with mirrored lenses; charming but also metal circles and necklaces that close collars and girders; wonderful ” double C ” maxi bracelets.

We could not miss our favorite part or bags and shoes . And here you can see magically colorful, sparkling bags rigorously matelassé, where on all reign the legendary 2.55 and the beautiful Boy with fuxia or completely silver profiles.

And the shoes that mix slippers in houndstooth with silver sandals and pvc combined with délavé caps and gloves “Top Gun”.

As usual for Chanel we will talk a lot, so now it is enough, we want you to enjoy the images and be comfortable flying with the most fashionable airline company that exists: Chanel Airlines! Here’s to you Chanel spring summer 2016, everyone on board!