Tips for car loan with deposit

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When buying a car, many car buyers first of all take advantage of the best possible financing as the top priority. In this context, offers the car loan with down payment. This car loan with variable final installment is a special type of financing, also known as balloon financing, which in most cases keeps down charges due to due repayment installments .

How the car loan works with down payment

The car loan with deposit is usually accompanied by a closing rate. Borrowers make a down payment of varying amounts, which reduces the amount of funding. Monthly installment payments are usually very low and can not cover the grand total at the end of the repayment term, so a closing rate is agreed between the seller and the consumer. How high this is depends on the monthly installments and the deposit amount. A car loan with down payment is recommended if, on the one hand, sufficient funds are available for the down payment and, on the other hand, the running rates for the borrower are low. Basically, the rates during the term are reduced by both the down payment and the final installment. Experts speak of a “subdivision into three loan phases”.

The financing of the final installment

If the car loan with down payment is at the end of its term, the final installment is due. Consumers can decide at this time whether to repay the amount due in one installment to the financing institution or to arrange follow-on financing with the bank. Alternatively, the borrower may decide to sell the vehicle and settle the remaining debt with the proceeds. However, there are risks associated with this option: If you opt for this option, you should definitely plan for the depreciation of the vehicle as well as any accidents in your calculations. Consumers who decide to take out a follow-up loan should once again pay attention to obtaining favorable credit terms.

A good way to reduce monthly burdens

The car loan with down payment is an attractive opportunity to finance your dream car, especially because of its low monthly installments. Taking into account the down payment and the final installment, the burden can be well balanced with your own budget, so that the risk of over-indebtedness can be reduced to a minimum.

Chanel spring summer 2016. You fly!

Chanel spring summer 2016 fly at high altitude!

Our beloved Karl Lagerfield , amazes us again, gets loved and talked, taking us by the hand at the airport to let us get on his personal flight towards spring summer 2016.

Once again the Grand Palais becomes the scene of the flagship collection of the Parisian fashion week and MeA wants you to relive that magic, in these few lines, through the highlights of this fashion show that as usual (we are not biased) we loved. At this point, we can not do anything else to tell it to you, making it love you too … even if we know that we certainly should not convince you.

All this color that Chanel spring summer 2016 brings to the catwalk is almost dazzling by how psychedelic and colorful it is. The patterns are often abstract and are identified in small lines interrupted by other lines and then again by others to create an interlocking of blacks, blues, cherry reds, greens, blues on a white background. Sometimes the fantasies are reminiscent of the ’60s when the Vichy picture was a must, in fact Chanel Spring Summer 2016 proposes it in pastel shades aiming above all on green and light pink but also on gray and black in contrast.

The pink once again really like Karl for the summer, so he uses it very often, both in skirts with flounces, converting it into a palette a bit ‘stronger, which in a lighter especially when we talk about suits, jackets and minimalist dresses.

Of course, black also often peeks out, gently marrying in every fantasy and the electric blue that lights up every garment it touches. In the walk to the gate in the direction of Chanel spring summer 2015 you can also see many, many overlaps of long skirts with soft trousers, or medium with pants in the palace, you can see bon ton suits and short bell jackets and still skirts-pants in silk or panta – light and impalpable bags in the most classic of grays, in the sweetest of the celestial and in delicate two-tone colors.

Obviously the accessories are fantastic: colored aviator mask glasses with mirrored lenses; charming but also metal circles and necklaces that close collars and girders; wonderful ” double C ” maxi bracelets.

We could not miss our favorite part or bags and shoes . And here you can see magically colorful, sparkling bags rigorously matelassé, where on all reign the legendary 2.55 and the beautiful Boy with fuxia or completely silver profiles.

And the shoes that mix slippers in houndstooth with silver sandals and pvc combined with délavé caps and gloves “Top Gun”.

As usual for Chanel we will talk a lot, so now it is enough, we want you to enjoy the images and be comfortable flying with the most fashionable airline company that exists: Chanel Airlines! Here’s to you Chanel spring summer 2016, everyone on board!

Armani and its spring-summer 2015

Armani and its spring-summer 2015, yet another inevitable triumph! Here is his timeless pencil from life to a collection that seems to be destined for enigmatic and safe women: the style is simple, linear and essential but sophisticated its nature, linked to that innate and primordial beauty that belonged to femininity and sensuality of the woman of the 30s.

Taste 30 years

In this catwalk is narrated the color of the earth in all its shades of color, white, black, delicate pastel colors and an unexpected touch of animalier; revisits without nostalgic notes its iconic classics in a contemporary key: jackets, trousers, suits, jackets with an oriental flavor for an unmistakably Armani style.

Androgynous and masculine forms with romantic and feminine movements, crown this real and tangible dream of timeless elegance. Precious fabrics, refined combinations and statues of the lines of another indisputably effective and elegant collection; so the authentic monarch of made in Italy, Giorgio Armani, in this journey between tradition and innovation, dilutes a woman always new and fresh in this age now sadly approved.

With so much wisdom airing his countless creations, with much taste his woman has never passed and never will go unnoticed, for the report of a maison that today boasts a turnover of 8 billion dollars.

“Style is a question of elegance, not just of aesthetics. Style is having courage, of one’s choices, and even the courage to say no. It is to find novelty and invention without resorting to extravagance. “

Giorgio Armani

We subjects bow to the King of taste, of femininity, of elegance; and this ethereal collection.

As beautiful alert buds we will blossom to the look of this catwalk.

Let the waiting spring begin … Giorgio Armani’s will surely have a glam background.

Black trousers for the winter! Omnipresent in your closet

Black trousers for the winter will be comfortable, easy and cutting edge.

First of all, try these tips straight: black trousers should NEVER be missing in your wardrobe, they should not be in the least demodé and above all they must be omnipresent in your wardrobe in many ways, you have to carry them in your suitcase anywhere and everywhere. So you can not think of living without!

From Audrey Hepburn who wore them with the paperines to today has been made a long way; fabrics, cuts and patterns have changed but they are and will always be our faithful and indispensable companions of a thousand occasions.

Stretch gabardine, fresh wool, leather, cotton, jeans, elastane; high waist or low, panta-coulotte, ankle, zuava, skirt-pants, we could go on forever, but with their company you will always be current and unquestionably sexy, any model you want to wear.

And now off with the look decisions , especially to avoid the waitress effect, football team, Sevilla dancer.

First of all, as Giorgio Armani teaches, we must combine everything with class and style.

If you want black and white why not? Cigarette black trousers are ideal if in the daytime with a low ankle boot or a hyperfeminine décolleté combined with a silk and wool knit, pulled on the hair, look at your eyes with lots of mascara and abound with the rouge on cheeks, lips and nails. In short, a super stylish overdress!

This summer they have depopulated and in the winter we will find them more than ever. We’re talking about panta-culotte ! And why not blacks? In this case really cool, if you combine a mini sweater and very short that lets glimpse a bit ‘of tummy! We can choose the purple or the green or the blue powder – even if it is repeated in the autumn -, the make-up to be treated with this outfit must be very simple and in shades of nude and peach, the evident blush and lips fleshy and luminous and the hairstyle is casual and relaxed.

When in the evening the only light is represented by the moon and the stars and the sky becomes pitch black, wearing our black trousers will be very easy.

Sbizzarritevi finally with vertiginous heels: that are sandals or ankle boots or even décolleté or popped, as high. Choose a slightly flared pattern that suits all and absolutely matches silk, whether it is crepe, or chiffon, or bourette; as long as silk and as light as possible. The makeup will be super dark with diaphanous complexion, dark red lipstick and very thick eye liner.

And you waiting to match the easiest and inevitable of the leaders?

Black trousers are sacred!

Décolleté how to combine them and be happy.

Décolleté how to combine them? It will certainly not be a problem! Because in this season the colors are back, the animal and the metal.

From strawberry red to apple green, from sugar paper to lemon yellow, but also the evergreen black, the inevitable nude and the sweet pink quartz, the metallic phantasmagorics, the luxurious swarovski, the glitter and the sophisticated as sexy python and zebra. Let’s talk about the stiletto heel is what makes the décolleté sexy and captivating and if it exceeds 10 cm you wear it for over twelve hours without making a fold you will have an insured paradise. 

That said I would go for a little ‘peppery pairings: jeans, shorts, skirts and panta culottes (re-proposed to the overwhelming even for the summer).

In the morning you should not be afraid to dare, so do not be frightened by the colors because the stronger they are and the more they give satisfaction, just do not overdo it … For example, a sober light-colored cigarette jeans goes great with the rose quartz décolleté, while an apple green, acid or water is wonderful in combination with the old and expensive dark blue jeans, in any case wear a white blazer, tied hair or do not give them a precise turn, take care of the make-up but without exaggerating and match a bag as witty capacious.

Décolleté how to match them … Everything that reminds animals of the jungle: so python, zebra, tigers, panthers, crocodiles and anything else, it must be combined with class otherwise you risk the forced effect that is not beautiful. To avoid mistakes, stay sober with black and white and pay attention to the new models of flared skirts, panta culotte and flare that with the d écolleté are nothing short of magnificent.

Décolleté how to match them … For the evening metal, glitter and swarovski will be a must. In this case can range from simple black sheath dress, long dress, from the torn jeans paired with jackets, bomber jackets, tops and mini dresses in silk or we choose the magnetic as sober blacks male suit brought to the skin in combination with écolleté shock, cluch exaggerated and sought-after hairstyles. 

And what do you prefer? Decolletè how to combine them.

A San Valentino Luxury

A Valentine’s Day luxury? Eecco to you a little ‘ideas to dream!

Fermi tutti is Valentine’s Day and anxiety is a bit ‘to anyone … anxiety is coming to those who are single, who is married, who is engaged to all …

“You want to say that you do not care, you’re superior, that for you Valentine’s Day is every day of the year … because Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it’s not raining on this”

And thank goodness that in our country the Valentine’s day is less heard than in other countries, think of the poor US singles who have to endure honeycombed shop windows, shops full of hearts, chocolates everywhere … Flowers, colors, balloons everywhere to remember how much it is nice to be in love.

So you know what I’m saying? For all, engaged or not, here is a wish list made in MeA for a luxurious Valentine’s Day for everyone … it will be very special!

Assuming that as far as I’m concerned, I have long since passed the dinner out on Valentine’s Day, love cards, stuffed animals and inflatable hearts, to become much more material and love things that are called: Birkin , Maldives, Dom Perignon, Patek Philippe etc … I would like to write you a superlux ranking (which rolls ed) made of dreams … because dreaming does not cost anything and does so much good for our psychophysical wellbeing.

But let’s come to our Valentine’s day luxury …

Chopard is the most expensive timepiece on the planet and costs 25 million euros. You like it?

The bag designed by Robert Mouawad in Duba i with 4356 colorless, 105 yellow and 56 rose diamonds for a total of 4,500 diamonds. At the right amount of: $ 3.8 million. A little ‘kitsch but how not to have it?

A sprinkle of charmant perfume, et voila the most precious eau de parfum: it is Guerlain Coque d’Or and has a cost of 17,000 dollars. I doubt I would buy it …

Could they miss the shoes? Giammai: here are the fabulous stiletto Borgezie produced by the namesake label in collaboration with Christopher Michael Shellis, a well-known jewelry designer. Fabulous sandals made of pure gold and enriched with over 2,200 diamonds. How much do they cost? I will not tell you!

To dream, you have to do it big … .take yourself what you want for your Valentine’s Day luxury.

The Burberry Prorsum spring summer collection

The Burberry Prorsum spring summer collection arrives in all its glory in a London that is a little gray but made sparkling by fashion week. From Europe and overseas come just to admire and love the catwalk that reveals us how the Burberry woman will dress next spring summer.

Defined by media professionals and multitasking by us this collection presents us once again very black, lots of silk and its must have or the very popular tranch . Versatile, extreme and directional here are the three adjectives that MeA wants to attribute to the London fashion show that amazes for its urban style without departing from the cleanness in detail that created the Burberry myth.

But let’s not lose ourselves in chat and comment on the show (which we liked so much). We said black … from the entire garment to detail, from the accessory to the coat, from the profiles to the edges, from the applications to the finishing touches, in short, omnipresent. Beautiful applications depicting flowers on pretty choker necklines edged in gold and not too short, the combination of slippers with buckles and leather bags gives the look a very bon-ton dictate.

Gritty unstructured trousers in the building matched with bolero-cut jackets and also gold- trimmed, delicious macramé lace tops and the brave choice of the net . Let’s go on with the few colorful and decidedly structured clothes, thanks to the choice of fabrics that always focus on silk, even if the real star of the show was the network, both in the tops and skirts and especially in clothes.

Here is a glimpse of lingerie , which peeks out in godet, round, crew-neck dresses and very few deep necklines: an effect desired to maintain the purity and tailoring of the London fashion house. Also in the palette this spring summer Burberry Prorsum collection is discreet, the only colors on the catwalk are related to pastel, very little gold present and some camel flashes, creating in every detail a precious moment.

The prints are very radiant and only exclusively of flowers , reminiscent of the English gardens, when in spring they open their buds in wonderful ancient roses and petal flowers, still wrapped in the damp English countryside.

At the beginning of the post we said that the matching dusters for the day and for the evening remain unmissable, as well as the new reconfirmation of the cape once again black and once again in wool to withstand the last colds.

Wonderful accessories, all shoes that bring the woven web in the skin that raises stiletto heels accompanied by hidden platforms; very easy-street the slippers with strictly gold metal details, on black, very nappa leather. Bag worthy of note but small and discreet, they prefer leather and love chains. Please stop us! Now it is enough to “speak”, because this will be the Burberry Prorsum spring summer collection.

The look on the snow

The look on the snow (as long as it snows ) for this winter 2015-2016 will be recommended by MeA , then paper and pen because we are about to shoot the pearls of wisdom in winter!

Password “Tricot” … It is compulsory this season, so go ahead with sweaters, maxi pullovers and oversize cardigans as long as they have a typical wide-knit pattern; let’s combine it for the day as a must-have piece to be worn on torn jeans, plush leggings and treggins superstretch and for your dinner at the back we bring a strictly black jazz panta and comfortable to dart in a snowmobile. Beautiful combinations with red, then: green-red or white red or red and white white, but only and exclusively in knitting.

More sweaters! In cashmere and mohair, fabulous in earth colors like warm browns and burnt earth or snow like ice gray and optical white. Look good friends of MeA, all the soft wools are exalted a lot with these nuances and they are even more celebrated if worn in a discreet manner and combined with very light jeans or soft joggers and, in any case, with an open shoulder or soft collar to always give the idea of ​​impalpability despite being wool. A must for the look on the snow is once again the protagonist is the flannel shirt with squares “taglialegna” style and here everything is possible: the green bottle, the dark blue, the red, the white, provided they are coarse chess! Take them out with a turtleneck pullover and combine high-waisted jazz pants or ruffled and torn boyfriends or tie them to life you’ll be super trendy!

And now we pass in the evening … For the evening, the mountain brings us a certain amount of fur (strictly eco) so go for details in fur! Here are the necks worn on thick woolen overcoats, here are the vests that are very cool if worn to the skin for a high altitude evening, here are the hats to decorate and cover the heads from the icy mountain air.

Beautiful and sparkling will be the look on the snow if you dare with the lamé to exalt every evening where you will not have to be afraid to dare; so put in your suitcase: skirts in sequins , feathers and lurex like rain, combined with black bi-elastic or even wool tights and I recommend … do not spare yourself in make-up. 

As for the shoes for free to moon boot glitter, in sober paint or with fur, UGG, Dr Martens, Timberland and stalks with the high and serrated para. 

Scarves and shawls will be a must to take to the disco and hats with giant pon pon or with the ears or even the indispensable glam hat on all occasions! Still a nod to the coats that are divided between colorful or black faux fur and technical coats with hoods adorned with fur details and eye on the return of the Canadian because it will be again in vogue.

The look of the Christmas lunch

After having in the order made the Christmas present to: close family, boyfriends / husbands, nephews, friends, parents, in-laws, brother-in-law / sister-in-law, in-laws of in-laws and brothers-in-law Christmas is coming and it is now thinking about the look to give a sense of all this … However it must be said that the beautiful memory of Natal, the memory of that child who was waiting for Santa Claus anxiously, has turned into a marathon of obligatory gifts, a run at the counter to avoid.

Made the rightful populism the advice is to go all the way and decide to monetize everything in clothes to go to the fateful Christmas lunch impeccably. Obviously your look will have to be appropriate to the place where you will be, so banned the heels in the mountains, the moon boot in the city … and adjust accordingly. Let’s say that the red would be very nice and Christmas, but if you’re like the undersigned to which the red headache comes here are valid alternatives. First step: abolish the red! Give a touch of blue …. D the fashion especially if you decline in electric blue or bright cobalt blue and multi-faceted, give yourself the combination (so loved by Giorgio Armani ed) with black and make it sophisticated and sexy. If you are brown and you have a dark complexion, dare with the electric otherwise throw yourself on the blue night but still opt for a blue always on and never, I repeat: NEVER navy … simply because it is not the time. So if the location will be the city, go blue jackets, dizzy heels and loose hair, otherwise if you are at high altitude throw yourself on a soft sweater over size, jeans and ankle boots in low pile and very hot … and of course eye to blue!

Do not you want blue? Give a touch of green … Yes, I had some qualms also on the emerald green, but I had to change my mind about how incredibly good it is with every complexion. For the look of the Christmas lunch, make your choices fall on a beautiful bright emerald green but avoiding the jacket as the head of the outfit , (because it is too much elf Santa Claus), but opt ​​for soft sweaters with bare shoulders, paillettes skirts to match with opaque socks and over accessories, bijoux and scarves strictly emerald green. 

Green does not convince you? Give a touch of silver & gold … One of the must-have for parties, usually more suited to New Year’s Eve outfits, than to look for Christmas lunch, is the use of gold and silver. Attention, I do not say to dress like a pagan deity but to give you brilliant and intense details. Combine a black sheath dress with a gold turtleneck or a silver cigarette pants to an easy black blouse and you’re done , you’ll be easy, very chic and very elegant for a nice lunch in the city. Dare with sweaters lit by gold and silver threads focusing on grays and natural colors combining them with jeans and sheepskin boots … for a mountain look, fashion and glam. Do not miss out, scarves and shawls, earrings and bracelets! 

The look for New Year’s Eve

It’s not until 2016, but your look for New Year’s Eve is ready ???

Obviously could not miss the post dedicated to the outfit for the New Year’s Eve party.

Dinner with a sleigh in a cabin? Entrust your New Year’s Eve look to a soft warm and enveloping cashmere sweater and match an eco-leather leggings to create a strong contrast with the softness and preciousness of the precious wool. On your feet you can not miss glitter and glittery moon boot , dare with a make-up or smokey eyes and do not forget the rouge on the nails. The party at high altitude will be perfect!

Nightclub party? Get away with the dress! Come and enjoy yourself with lace, lurex and sequin details because your look for San Lorenzo’s night will be absolutely sparkling. This year is really in vogue like never the long one so do not be afraid and wear maxi-dress with transparencies I see I do not see, pull on the hair or risk a gaçonne hairstyle with the gel and adopt a make-up with the catchphrase of 2015 or the very trendy very dark and rigorous eggplant lipstick. So much mascara and diaphanous complexion. You will be bright, sexy and super glam! 

Dinner at a friend’s house? Here is a thought that gives you something alternative for the New Year’s Eve look for this occasion that perfectly suits the verb dare! Why not use a masculine but very sexy look ? The black pantsuit will suit you, you will be super attractive if you combine a silk tank top with thin straps and lace details or if you wear the jacket even to leather and you will use earrings as shiny as precious.

You decide for a make-up full of details but not too showy and if you have so much desire to give more to the outfit, put your favorite summer black sandal or an open-toe suede version … After all this winter has not let us taste the true frost!