Black trousers for the winter! Omnipresent in your closet

Black trousers for the winter will be comfortable, easy and cutting edge.

First of all, try these tips straight: black trousers should NEVER be missing in your wardrobe, they should not be in the least demodé and above all they must be omnipresent in your wardrobe in many ways, you have to carry them in your suitcase anywhere and everywhere. So you can not think of living without!

From Audrey Hepburn who wore them with the paperines to today has been made a long way; fabrics, cuts and patterns have changed but they are and will always be our faithful and indispensable companions of a thousand occasions.

Stretch gabardine, fresh wool, leather, cotton, jeans, elastane; high waist or low, panta-coulotte, ankle, zuava, skirt-pants, we could go on forever, but with their company you will always be current and unquestionably sexy, any model you want to wear.

And now off with the look decisions , especially to avoid the waitress effect, football team, Sevilla dancer.

First of all, as Giorgio Armani teaches, we must combine everything with class and style.

If you want black and white why not? Cigarette black trousers are ideal if in the daytime with a low ankle boot or a hyperfeminine décolleté combined with a silk and wool knit, pulled on the hair, look at your eyes with lots of mascara and abound with the rouge on cheeks, lips and nails. In short, a super stylish overdress!

This summer they have depopulated and in the winter we will find them more than ever. We’re talking about panta-culotte ! And why not blacks? In this case really cool, if you combine a mini sweater and very short that lets glimpse a bit ‘of tummy! We can choose the purple or the green or the blue powder – even if it is repeated in the autumn -, the make-up to be treated with this outfit must be very simple and in shades of nude and peach, the evident blush and lips fleshy and luminous and the hairstyle is casual and relaxed.

When in the evening the only light is represented by the moon and the stars and the sky becomes pitch black, wearing our black trousers will be very easy.

Sbizzarritevi finally with vertiginous heels: that are sandals or ankle boots or even décolleté or popped, as high. Choose a slightly flared pattern that suits all and absolutely matches silk, whether it is crepe, or chiffon, or bourette; as long as silk and as light as possible. The makeup will be super dark with diaphanous complexion, dark red lipstick and very thick eye liner.

And you waiting to match the easiest and inevitable of the leaders?

Black trousers are sacred!