Armani and its spring-summer 2015

Armani and its spring-summer 2015, yet another inevitable triumph! Here is his timeless pencil from life to a collection that seems to be destined for enigmatic and safe women: the style is simple, linear and essential but sophisticated its nature, linked to that innate and primordial beauty that belonged to femininity and sensuality of the woman of the 30s.

Taste 30 years

In this catwalk is narrated the color of the earth in all its shades of color, white, black, delicate pastel colors and an unexpected touch of animalier; revisits without nostalgic notes its iconic classics in a contemporary key: jackets, trousers, suits, jackets with an oriental flavor for an unmistakably Armani style.

Androgynous and masculine forms with romantic and feminine movements, crown this real and tangible dream of timeless elegance. Precious fabrics, refined combinations and statues of the lines of another indisputably effective and elegant collection; so the authentic monarch of made in Italy, Giorgio Armani, in this journey between tradition and innovation, dilutes a woman always new and fresh in this age now sadly approved.

With so much wisdom airing his countless creations, with much taste his woman has never passed and never will go unnoticed, for the report of a maison that today boasts a turnover of 8 billion dollars.

“Style is a question of elegance, not just of aesthetics. Style is having courage, of one’s choices, and even the courage to say no. It is to find novelty and invention without resorting to extravagance. “

Giorgio Armani

We subjects bow to the King of taste, of femininity, of elegance; and this ethereal collection.

As beautiful alert buds we will blossom to the look of this catwalk.

Let the waiting spring begin … Giorgio Armani’s will surely have a glam background.