A San Valentino Luxury

A Valentine’s Day luxury? Eecco to you a little ‘ideas to dream!

Fermi tutti is Valentine’s Day and anxiety is a bit ‘to anyone … anxiety is coming to those who are single, who is married, who is engaged to all …

“You want to say that you do not care, you’re superior, that for you Valentine’s Day is every day of the year … because Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it’s not raining on this”

And thank goodness that in our country the Valentine’s day is less heard than in other countries, think of the poor US singles who have to endure honeycombed shop windows, shops full of hearts, chocolates everywhere … Flowers, colors, balloons everywhere to remember how much it is nice to be in love.

So you know what I’m saying? For all, engaged or not, here is a wish list made in MeA for a luxurious Valentine’s Day for everyone … it will be very special!

Assuming that as far as I’m concerned, I have long since passed the dinner out on Valentine’s Day, love cards, stuffed animals and inflatable hearts, to become much more material and love things that are called: Birkin , Maldives, Dom Perignon, Patek Philippe etc … I would like to write you a superlux ranking (which rolls ed) made of dreams … because dreaming does not cost anything and does so much good for our psychophysical wellbeing.

But let’s come to our Valentine’s day luxury …

Chopard is the most expensive timepiece on the planet and costs 25 million euros. You like it?

The bag designed by Robert Mouawad in Duba i with 4356 colorless, 105 yellow and 56 rose diamonds for a total of 4,500 diamonds. At the right amount of: $ 3.8 million. A little ‘kitsch but how not to have it?

A sprinkle of charmant perfume, et voila the most precious eau de parfum: it is Guerlain Coque d’Or and has a cost of 17,000 dollars. I doubt I would buy it …

Could they miss the shoes? Giammai: here are the fabulous stiletto Borgezie produced by the namesake label in collaboration with Christopher Michael Shellis, a well-known jewelry designer. Fabulous sandals made of pure gold and enriched with over 2,200 diamonds. How much do they cost? I will not tell you!

To dream, you have to do it big … .take yourself what you want for your Valentine’s Day luxury.